I am a self-taught artist, of Puerto Rican heritage.  I was born in Jersey City, NJ  across the river from New York City.  My parents came to NYC from Puerto Rico for a second time, a few months before I was born.   Being so close to New York city gave me opportunities to appreciate and grow with art, in this city, considered by some as the art capital of the world.  My summer trips back to Puerto Rico gave me much inspiration, from watching the people work in the fields,  to working with and watching the wonderful animals among the colorful mountains.
Since early childhood I enjoyed sketching people; encouraged much by my parents.  Sketches included a glamorous movie star,  Superman and his wonderful flowing cape, or a model in a Sears catalog.  I also started to do costume design sketches, some of which were made into prom dresses by friends.  Between my trips to NYC and PR, my self-taught exercises included bold creations of color, geometric and human figures which drew me more into the art world, allowing me to express how I see the world. My creations however remained personal.  
  My love of the human anatomy propel me to think my path was medical studies, so in college after a very very brief pre-med studies, I learn it was a whole different world,  I have great respect for those in the medical field, some of my own family included.  I then concentrated in the computer science studies earning a Bachelor of Science degree in computer programming.  
My love of the arts continue and complimented my technical studies.  When I decided to share my art to a larger audience I kept a painting studio in Jersey City producing very successful studio shows in New Jersey and café/salon showings in New York.  For a short time I also kept a studio in the Art Factory in Paterson NJ, which was a wonderful experience.  I also participated in a few Montclair NJ Art Walks also a great experience.
Somehow arts and technology morphed in to my love of photography, leading me into fine art photography.  Photography has also lead me to Bird Photography but that's a whole other story.
Today I share my time between my technical projects and my art and photography projects.
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